Parliamentary majority rejects any demand presented by the opposition

There is not any bargain between majority and opposition on a compromise for the prolongation of the vetting mandate in exchange of the territorial reform, has said the head of the Socialist Party parliamentary group, Taulant Balla.

Balla said after the meeting of the chairmen’s conference on Tuesday that he considers vetting a highly technical issue from which politics should stay away. He further stressed that there is a willingness to be continuously open to discuss without reservation any kind of issue that may come from the opposition to the Albanian Parliament.

"I consider it a very technical issue that politics should stay away from in terms of the importance of the vetting process that has gone well. Let none of us politicize it. Keep it as a technical issue, as a need to continue justice reform," he said.

"There is no 'bargaining' because this is an issue that I consider to be of special importance, where each of MPs must take the responsibility that belongs to them. There is willingness to be consistent, open and discuss without reservation any kind of issue that may come be presented by the opposition to the Albanian Parliament," said Balla.

In the meantime the majority turned down the request of the opposition for the establishment of an investigative parliamentary commission to probe into the so-called Becchetti case in which the Albanian government lost 110 million euros. /