PM Rama and DP’s Basha stole the show in Thursday’s plenary session of Parliament

Amidst curses, accusations, and jokes Prime Minister Edi Rama and the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha during most of the time of Thursday’s plenary session of Parliament, Rama told Basha: “I have loved you, I still do and will continue to love you. I do not know how to help you.”

Earlier Basha accused Rama of collaborating with oligarchs whom he mentioned by name, while focusing his discussion and rights of reply on the question of the vetting of politicians, something which was opposed by the majority.

Basha said that the biggest blame that Rama is in power lies with President Ilir Meta and the veteran DP leader, Sali Berisha.

"Say I miss Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta. Go to the Foltore and erect your Foltore. Discuss your worries with the three of you together, and make the Bermuda triangle… I have my share of guilt that you are here, but I have the smallest; most of the blame lies with the other two sides of the Bermuda Triangle," Basha said.

In the meantime Rama retorted by saying that he stands by the principle of discussion as it deserves to be discussed regarding the vetting of politicians with experts from both sides.

The Prime Minister urged Basha not to slander like Berisha, or as he quoted the ‘sludge’, and not to be his caricature. "Do not slander like sludge, do not curse like sludge, do not be a cartoon of sludge; sludge is the original, you have the biggest challenge, not DP. You have to prove to yourself that even though he (Berisha) led you to the top, you now have to be reborn. We know how to go about it, trust us and interact with the language of facts.”

In addition he made fun of the tour under the motto Foltore undertaken by the veteran leader, Sali Berisha saying, "Foltorja na mban me gajret ne."

In addition he made fun of the tour under the motto Foltore undertaken by the veteran leader, Sali Berisha joking that, “Foltorja keeps the hopes alive.”

It’s to be noted that it is the first time that the head of the DP, Basha criticized President Meta, while the pre-electoral coalition between DP and Socialist Movement for Integration headed by Monika Kryemadhi, Meta’s wife, seems to have collapsed. /