PM Rama eyes stronger relations with Spain and Albania in EU

"For Albania, Europe is our faith and the future in the European Union is our free choice," declared PM Edi Rama in an interview with Spanish TV RTVE which was made public by local media in Tirana on Sunday.

The Prime Minister spoke, among other things, about his visit to Spain, the first official visit of this level, as well as the process of European integration of Albania.

Asked about the influences of Russia and China in the Western Balkans, Rama said that the region is surrounded by European borders. These countries are an organ of the body of Europe and at the same time they are isolated from the same body, something that does not make sense and it is the most inappropriate thing either for security or for the future of Europe.

According to him, Albania is not worried about these possible influences because for Albanians Europe is our faith and the future in the European Union is our free choice.

Asked about the steps that Albania is taking to adapt to the demands of Brussels, Prime Minister Rama said that “I can say that we are no longer talking about what we should do, but about the way they have decided to work with us and in the region.”

The Prime Minister said that he believes that there is a great potential in mutual relations between Albania and Spain.

"I have great admiration for what Spain has achieved, as a model to be followed, for how one has been able to overcome such a dark past and become a great example for other countries. And, on the other hand, I would like to point out the fact that Prime Minister Sanchez, in the past, has known closely the terrible period of history of conflicts in our region and has the right sensitivity to support change. In fact, he wants Spain to be more present in our area and this is very good news for us," said Rama.

Regarding Kosovo-Serbia tensions, the Prime Minister said that Kosovo is the last problem still open and unresolved since the break-up of Yugoslavia and without a doubt the recognition of Kosovo as a sovereign state independent by Serbia is the last chapter of the painful history of the break-up of Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile, regarding the non-recognition of Kosovo's independence by 5 EU countries, including Spain, Prime Minister Rama said that "we should be very clear here as there is no possible comparison between the internal problems of Spain regarding independent or separatist movements and the cessation of Kosovo from Serbia." /