PM Rama Warns of Severe Energy Crisis Being Vague on What Will Happen with Prices in Albania

In an extraordinary press conference on Sunday, Prime Minister Edi Rama addressed the Albanians with a message on the energy crisis, which, according to him, has affected all world markets. The head of government stated that according to today’s projections, the price could reach up to $100 per barrel by the end of the year.

According to Rama, the world is facing skyrocketing prices and the price of gas has increased by about 250%. "It does not threaten people's lives, but in economic and social terms it has a negative energy, which can have shocking effects. The energy crisis has just begun to affect world markets," he said. He noted that the drop in weather temperatures is approaching along with winter and the natural increase in the need for heating. "This new crisis puts us in front of a new ordeal, as strong as the earthquake and the pandemic. A hard winter is coming." Regarding Albania Rama said the responsibility and duty number one of the government is to protect necessarily and as much as possible the most needy strata, family consumers, as well as small business from the impact of this new disaster.

However the PM wasn't clear on the concrete steps particularly regarding the increase of the energy price but the warning leads to believe that an aggravating situation is in face of Albanians who experienced the first price hike, that of bread! /