PM says no hike of energy prices but pensions will be frozen for the next 3 years

The Albanian government has decided not to increase the price of electricity for all household consumers and small business, as well as to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of energy for all Albanians. This was declared by Prime Minister Edi Rama who presented on Saturday the plan for dealing with the energy crisis in the emergency situation proclaimed earlier. According to the government's plan to protect the Albanian family from the 'storm' of the energy crisis, Rama highlighted the main pillars among which the uninterrupted supply of citizens with electricity, the protection of families and small business from rising energy prices as well as the guaranteeing of the necessary liquid fund for interaction with the electricity market.

Some 100 million euros will be disbursed to OSHEE this year, and another in 2022 to ensure prices do not rise for families and small business. Rama noted that the price of energy in the citizen's bill is not the real price of energy purchased, but controlled by the state for protection for the needy.

In addition Rama said that Albania does not produce enough power to fulfil the country’s needs. He also pointed out that the price of oil in this Balkan country is the highest in the region because of taxes on carbon and old cars.

But the government head was straightforward to declare that it was impossible to increase pensions and the minimum wage as the country would go bankrupt. And what is more he said that there will not be increasing funds for the needy during the next three years despite the fact that people are fighting with the impact of the ongoing pandemic.

Albania will hold general elections after four years and Rama is hopeful to win the fourth mandate eyeing 2030 to 'retire'./