PM’s Warning on Energy Price Increases Blasted by Specialists, DP

In a comment on the statement of Prime Minister Edi Rama made on Sunday, where he warned of the energy crisis, saying that it will have shocking effects and skyrocketing price increases, former Minister of Finance Arben Malaj told a local TV on Monday that it does not happen in any country of the world that the PM delivers a speech, which creates panic in public.

According to Malaj, the energy crisis does not resemble that of the earthquake or the pandemic, adding that the rise in prices has occurred before, and that such a thing was warned by scientists.

"This crisis is not similar to an earthquake or a pandemic. For years, scientists have been warning government officials that the price of oil could go as high as $ 80-100 a barrel. This means that the right reforms had to be taken," he said.

Further on, the former minister stressed that it does not happen in any country of the world that the prime minister delivers a speech, which creates panic in public. "The big powers of the economy are not so shocked as we follow the news every day. Price fluctuations are a phenomenon that happens often. We have to find out whether this is a short-term blow, or a long-term trend."

According to Malaj, Albania has predicted that for a short-term shock companies should have reserves to depreciate the market. If it is a long-term crisis, the prime minister must say so. "There are two strategies that responsible governments do- first they say: we will provide assistance to the middle and poor people. So the first pillar is social support. All expensive expenses in the economy should be stopped immediately. Maximum accountability and credibility are required, which help the country to manage this crisis. This is not the first time that prices have risen," said former Finance Minister Arben Malaj.

In the meantime, the Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) Lulzim Basha gathered on Monday the parliamentary group, where the focus of the discussion was the warning of the Prime Minister Edi Rama of the increase of the price of electricity.

Referring to reliable sources, it is learned that Basha told the deputies that direct contact with citizens is important to promote, encourage, organize all forms of resistance to Prime Minister Rama's schemes. According to him, everything is done to empty the pockets of citizens. /