Poisoning of citizens in Kruja is caused by polluted drinking water

The local unit of Public Health in the town of Kruja has concluded that the water consumed by the citizens of Kruja who have shown signs of poisoning has loads of Escherichia coli and fecal streptococcus which have infiltrated the springs after mixing with sewage.

According to the official announcement, 130 other citizens in Kruja were taken to the hospital on Tuesday evening, bringing to 500 the number of people poisoned by drinking water. Despite knowing that the poisoning may have come from water, they consumed the spare water they had in the house. The mixing of sewage with potable water is suspected to have caused mass poisoning.

The Kruja Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into the serious epidemiological situation. Investigations will be conducted on the accusation: "Pollution of air, water and soil resulting in damage to human health." There is currently no person under investigation. Initially they will focus on discovering the causes that led to the poisoning of the residents.

The prosecution says it is awaiting analysis by the Institute of Public Health. Investigations are underway regarding the physico-chemical and bacterial analysis of the drinking water that supplies the city of Kruja. / Argumentum.al