Premier Rama supports publicly DP's Basha against veteran Democrat leader Berisha

In an open support to the current head of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha versus the tour under the motto Foltore undertaken by the veteran leader, Sali Berisha against the former, Prime Minister Edi Rama ridiculed the movement by saying he felt sorry for what is happening in DP.

Prime Minister Rama made that comment after the meeting he held with Socialist political leaders in 12 regions telling them he is open to consider any proposal of the opposition and to sit down and negotiate with Basha.

"I have no comment on what is happening in DP, but I can say that if all the humorists and satirists had gathered to write a comedy with many series about how DP can be turned into a real pity object but also black humor, is what is happening today within it," said Rama.

Regarding vetting in politics proposed by the opposition, Rama said that the approval of the draft will depend on the arguments presented by the opposition. Asked on the critical poisoning in Kruja Rama, who inaugurated the water pipeline some months ago, said the case is under investigation to understand what happened.

In the meantime he expressed his readiness to testify before the parliamentary Commission of Inquiry for the elections of 25 April. /