President Is Not Afraid of Any Decision for His Dismissal by Constitutional Court

"The process of the country's integration into the EU requires that we have a greater institutional democracy, a state of law, where individual rights are respected and where human wealth is preserved. Our country is facing the biggest challenge of the youth leaving. This is a great social wound and is a serious challenge for the future of the country," said President Ilir Meta.

Meta attended the Breakfast Prayer organized in the town of Pogradec on Saturday.

"After all, our young people can go anywhere in the world and can find material goods, but they cannot find a homeland. It is here!” he said. In addition the state head said values are what will help to overcome current difficulties and to build a more stable and humane society.

According to him, young people should be given more hope and educated people jobs to bring progress to our country. "Regarding the debate, 'new thought, new brain', I want to remind you that we in Albania have had the experience of the 'young man' that left us with a catastrophic consequence. Regarding the leadership debate, I would like to emphasize that leadership in the first place requires courage, character, morale and strength. It cannot be easily exercised by anyone."

Meta noted that the first quality for a leader is that he should not be afraid of change and that he should follow the path of change and not follow change, but make the majority move towards change.

Asked be the media about the debates that have arisen in the Democratic Party (DP) after the leader of the Democrats Lulzim Basha expelled the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha from the parliamentary group while the latter accuses the current leader of the DP of being taken hostage by PM Edi Rama, Meta said that the scenario which is being attempted to leave the country without opposition will never be realized.

Without wanting to go into details and avoid comments, Meta stressed that he would not be part of the DP debate, while adding that democratic principles should be respected.

Among other things, Meta was asked if he was afraid of a decision for his dismissal by the Constitutional Court, while he said that in any case he had respected the Constitution. /