Prosecution registers death of four Russian tourists in Albania as homicide

The Prosecution of Kavaja, central Albania,  have listed the death of the four Russian tourists 2 days ago in a hotel sauna in Qerret as a homicide. Even though investigators have yet to come to a definite conclusion, the tragic event has been noted down as a homicide case.

The incident is thought to have been accidental, but no conclusions can be drawn at least until the results of the forensic examinations are in.

On Friday night, 4 Russian tourists were found dead in a Jacuzzi that was part of a luxurious hotel’s sauna room in Qerret, Kavaja.

The Russian Embassy in Tirana came out with a formal reaction regarding the tragic event.

Through an announcement shared on the embassy’s personal Facebook account, the death of four Russian citizens were confirmed: Natalia Burenkova, Sergey Burenkov, Ekaterina Burenkaya and Nikita Belousov. The embassy has also asked Albanian law-enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation into the case so that the cause of their death can be identified.