Rama Unveils Albania will send satellites ‘Albania 1’ and ‘Albania 2’ into orbit next year

Albania will send into orbit two satellites, named ‘Albania 1’ and ‘Albania 2’, which will monitor the territory and identify illegal activities, starting next year.

This was unveiled by Prime Minister Edi Rama in the plenary session of Parliament whose agenda included the management of the energy crisis and the protection of the territory on Thursday.

"Albania today is not in the situation it was before you left, when no one financed you and you were forced to do acrobatics," he said. Rama said that the opposition left behind a situation that definitely takes time, patience, to fix.

Replying to the Democratic Party chairman, Lulzim Basha, who leveled charges against the Rama government, Rama said: “I tell you that we will use drones and even satellites for monitoring the territory regarding traffic. The level of technology will be higher and the monitoring will be removed from the hands of those who control with their eyes… Therefore, we will raise our eyes to the sky to control and we will control from the sky. You laugh because laughter is part of the party program. Today you are in a situation where you laugh, because you can't cry."

The PM announced that Albania will buy drones and will launch satellites into orbit. “We will do this next year, and they will be named ‘Albania 1’ and ‘Albania 2’. Their work will be to discover illegal activities starting next year. This country is not a ‘seized’ land.” / Argumentum