Resignation of Basha Asked by DP Lawmaker Flamur Noka

Democrat MP Flamur Noka has leveled serious accusations against current chairman of Democratic Party (DP) Lulzim Basha. During his statement, after the meeting of the parliamentary group, Noka, who is among the supporters of veteran leader Sali Berisha in the tour called Foltore, demanded that Basha resign. Besides calling 'mud' the grassroots Basha does not accept the convening of the DP Assembly as required by a large number of DP members.

"No one has dared to call the DP rand-and-file sludge, no one, not even Fatos Nano, except Mr. Basha, no one else. He must therefore resign," said Noka.

Noka urged Basha to take responsibility at the Group chairmanship meeting held on Sunday evening.

"Our political force is going into a frenzy thanks to the occult decision of Mr. Basha, and if he considered this force a little bit and loved it a little bit, the resignation would be the only solution to unite this force, to restore this force," he said.

In conclusion the DP deputy said Basha confirmed once more that the fate of his chair is more expensive than the fate of the DP and the Democrats in general. /