Response Plan 2021-2023 to Pandemio Unveiled in Tirana

'The Response Plan 2021-2023 to the pandemic and the post-Covid-19 impact' is an orientation document in function of the response to Covid-19, which is flexible based on the scenarios with which Albania can be faced in the future, said the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu during neral presentation of the document on Saturday. "This is a response plan, it is a document which orients all our actions, our interventions in the sector in order to respond to Covid-19 but also the post-covid impact on the health system," said the Minister.

According to her, this plan is always a dynamic document, a flexible document, so in time it adapts to the changes it may have. Focusing on the main points of the plan, Manastirliu listed vaccination as the most important, emphasizing that the main focus in the coming months is to increase vaccine coverage.

"Within the spring of next year we must enable the vaccination of the target population, as we have determined. While we have already made the decision to ensure that students are also vaccinated and go vaccinated to universities to ensure for our schools to continue the normal process of teaching in the auditorium. So October will be an open month for vaccination," said Manastirliu. Speaking about the investments made in 8 years in the health system, Manastirliu said that the strengthening of capacities will continue with other investments and according to her the plan envisions having about 1,800 beds dedicated to each scenario to cope with the situation. "And one of the investments I can say that will really play a key role in terms of its importance is the complete rehabilitation of the infectious hospital, with high-tech equipment," said Minister Manastirliu. /