Schools Return to 'Normality' at Peak of Pandemic Spread in Albania!

From Monday next week the learning process will return to normality in Albania. The news was made public on Friday by the Minister of Education, Evis Kushi who said that it was the pressure of the parents  showing a lot of dissatisfaction with the schedules that forced government to return normal teaching throughout the country not with shifts.

This is a sensitive news as standard teaching will take place without shifts and with normal duration of classes when the pandemic is spreading at frightening rate with a daily increase of fatalities.

But the minister justified the decision with the 'right' civic concerns but especially from the responsibility to guarantee quality in the education system. "Throughout this period we have been in constant communication with the Committee of Experts and the Institute of Public Health to reevaluate once again all the anti-COVID protocols currently implemented in schools, in particular by maintaining distance between students, which has forced us to apply teaching in shifts in some schools of the largest cities in the country," said Minister Kushi.

It's not clear how the experts will justify the prohibited gathering of people when a classroom has averagely a capacity of 35 students in the best case while the space is limited to keep the 2-meter distance.

A source at Education Ministry told on condition of anonymity this is the worst decision at the worst time of the pandemic. /