SMI's Vasili on Albania's frightening 2.3 billion euros debt

The Deputy Chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Petrit Vasili has considered an irreversible war the battle against the Eurobond that the Albanian government will take which was voted in Parliament last Thursday. According to Vasili, the amount of 2.3 billion euros is a dividing line between the real opposition and the fake opposition, which endorsed the action.
"Since 2015, the government owes a frightening figure of 2 billion and 300 million euros of debt," said Vasili who added that this terrible robbery will burden Albanian generations for decades. He further said that this is a giant robbery of public money before which SPAK has closed its eyes.
"This horrible robbery of 2.3 billion euros should be thoroughly investigated, but the SPAK of sardines has completely closed its eyes. The captured SPAK has closed its eyes while we will never do that," SMI's number two said. /