SPAK blasted by Deputy Head of SMI accusing it of collaborating with the government

The vice-chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Petrit Vasili, has called on the special prosecutor office in Albania known as SPAK to intervene at a time when the government is warning of rising energy prices as a result of an "extraordinary energy crisis". But the government's claim on the emergency crisis has been refuted by energy and economics experts in the country who stress that there is no energy crisis, but mismanagement of resources by the government and speculation on stock exchanges.

"SPAK act, enough with hiding. There is no energy crisis, but state mega theft!!!” said Vasili, who noted that facts are ‘screaming’ telling every Albanian that there is no energy crisis, but terrible corruption and tricks of the government.

According to him, the government will increase energy prices to cover the theft and the looting it has done to the state coffers, which are empty.

"The energy situation this year has been one of the best. Domestic energy production has been as abundant as ever. Fierza has been at the highest levels in August. Instead of buying energy, which is produced in the country and has a very cheap price, the government buys and buys energy from abroad many times more expensive in order to steal tens of millions of euros with energy tenders," said Vasili.

Below are his appeals to SPAK: “SPAK facts have come to the fore and everyone knows them! SPAK you should have been in the offices of OSHE and KESH yesterday (Monday! SPAK you have hidden a lot! SPAK open your eyes! SPAK you must understand that you are aggravating your position with inactions against the government! SPAK you that are not acting are turning into accomplices with (PM Edi) Rama and the government and you stand against the citizens on the side of government theft! SPAK is working only to maintain the impunity of the government!” /