Third anti-Covid dose for citizens over 60 as pandemic situation aggravates in Albania

Citizens over the age of 60 can get the third dose of the vaccine not earlier than the second dose starting from November 1 this year.

This is one of several decisions taken at the meeting of the Technical Committee of Experts on the situation of COVID-19 in Albania on Friday. Children over 16 years old are invited to be vaccinated with parental permission and pediatrician recommendation starting November 1st. "We will invite for vaccination even children over 12 years old who present health problems," said Deputy Health Minister Rakacolli after the meeting of the Technical Committee of Experts. According to her, the monitoring indicators of this situation remain more or less at the same level as two weeks ago and although there is a slight deterioration there will be no change in measures. The member of the Committee, Albana Fico said that the meeting is being held when the global situation has significantly deteriorated in terms of infections.

"The fortnightly incidence in Albania is 222 per 100,000 inhabitants. There is an increase in total active cases," she said. The number of affected municipalities has increased to 48 in Albania. The two-week average of severe cases is 20. The ratio of the number of fatalities to infected cases is 1.6%. The vaccination process goes on continuously in all defined groups, focusing on the students calling on them to be vaccinated. It is important to wear the mask and observe the preventive anti pandemic measures, it was stressed. /