Veteran Leader of DP vs Current Head Basha in Shkodra

"I take this opportunity to call on all the democrats of Shkodra that the delegates sign for the meeting of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party (DP)." This urge was made by the historic democratic leader in the northern city of Shkodra on Friday because, according to him, the event will make big changes.

"We ask to convene the Assembly to determine the rules, which should not turn the DP into the situation we are in today," said Berisha in Shkodra in the framework of the Foltore tour, a meeting undertaken by him with the DP grassroots.

Shkodra has been a stronghold of DP but no deputies of this party in the new Parliament were present at the event showing their support for the current chairman Lulzim Basha.

"I call on all party structures in Shkodra and throughout Albania to engage as much as possible in youth membership," said Berisha as there were calls for his return to the chair seat like in the previous meetings in Tirana, Fier, Vlora and Durres. The next leg of the tour against Basha is announced to be Gjirokastra, southern Albania.

"We must unite once again. One of the goals of the Foltore is to unite the Democrats belonging to 1991 until those of 2021," Berisha said.

Like in other meetings he accused PM Edi Rama of the plight in which the country is and accused Basha, his adversary, of having been taken hostage of the government head. The meeting started and closed with a massive presence of people, who followed the forum not only in the hall, but also outside through screens.

Berisha is declared persona non- grata by the US State Secretary, Blinken under the charges of high level corruption and the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim pressed Basha to expell him from the DP parliamentary group a decision the latter made personally.

Berisha has filed a lawsuit against Blinken with a Paris court. /