Vetting of politicians urged by DP, issue to be presented in Parliament

The Democratic Party has renewed its demand on vetting of politicians' assets  considering it as a legitimate goal which should be carried out by the special prosecutor's authority known as SPAK.

This was announced by the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha who unveiled the three amendments that the Democratic Party will submit to the Parliament. The decision was made at the meeting of DP parliamentary group held on Monday.

"Vetting on politicians' assets is a legitimate goal and they respect the requirement for proportionality. This process should be carried out by SPAK and it should take over the verification one by one of the wealth of heads of state and government and the politicians," said Basha.

In addition he announced that the DP group approved the decision to submit to the parliament the amendments for the reversal of the unilateral changes of the constitution of July 30 and the approval of the electoral reform commission, the amendment in accordance with the Venice Commission.

The third amendment concerns territorial reform to restore institutions. "These three issues have been incorporated into a draft of amendments. Albanian citizensf have as priority democracy, vetting of politicians and territorial reform," said Basha. /