Focus/ “We produce energy ourselves. So why does the price increase?”

By Dr. Enriko Ceko

Energy is the source through which we put in use the factors of production. The higher the quality of energy, the more efficiency and effectiveness we have in the use of production factors.

Regarding gas, Albania has sufficient gas sources to supply the entire territory with gas pipelines for both individual and household consumers, as well as for businesses. But gas resources are not exploited in Albania.

Electricity is generated from water resources that are not well managed.

We invested 450 million euros to build 3 incinerators and the waste is burnt in landfills and the incinerators do not work. Energy management by applying the ISO 50001 standard is missing. There are only a handful of subjects that are numbered with the fingers that apply this standard.

Skavica is a luxury for greater Albania. Having a territory of about 29,000 km2, destroying the arable good land is an economic crime. It is a necessity for the greater Albania.

Today there are technologies that cost about 30-40 million Euros through which the water used in Fierze, Koman and Vau i Dejes can be returned during the night at a much lower price than the price of energy gained from production and sale of electricity from the use of water during the day.

Since 2003, the Albanian government has had the offer for the return of water from Vau i Dejes to Fierze on the table.

We produce energy ourselves. So why does the price increase? If it is bought, the government promised "welfare for all" in Parliament a few weeks ago. Then let it use all resources and means to cope with the non-increase of prices for citizens and businesses. /