Who poisoned the people of Kruja?

By Prof. Artan Fuga

What is going on? It is reported that 500 citizens are hospitalized due to poisoning in the town of Kruja. And the media do not send journalists to investigate and report from Kruja. As if they should go to Kazakhstan. Kruja, oh Kruja, it is a run away from Skanderbeg's horse in Tirana. To report to us live from the field, family by family, from the hospital, from the water supply. Who was poisoned, what are they treated with, how is the condition of the hospital, which neighborhoods are affected? Rather, they report from studios over tables!

Instead, they are busy all day reporting what the chairman of the commission said to the director of the administration of the Parliament! 'Get out! I do not! Don't leave! Going out!'

Yes, we are not ashamed! The whole government should have been in Kruja today (Wednesday)! It should have apologized and take urgent action. We have massive poisoning of the population. Maybe even intentionally!

The water supply authority of Kruja gives announcements, as if it is in the clouds of Salisalltik, when it should have been placed before the accusation! Immediately. Do they check the water quality every hour, or let it go? Kruja people, let them be poisoned! Shame!

I expect the prosecution to accuse the water utility of mass poisoning of the population!

What facts do you expect to gather? The facts are inside the hospital! Well, the government is asleep or away, but the opposition deputies are sitting in warm coaches instead of occupying the municipality of Kruja and the water supply to shake that place!

Come on opposition, come on! Or deal with the dead horse of the April 25 election recognized by the international partners! They have made the big discovery that the elections are irregular since the immigrants did not vote!

What a comedy!

Massive poisoning!

/ Argumentum.al