Abazovic doesn't think there will be early elections in Montenegro excluding no other alternatives

The Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic thinks that there will be no new elections in this Balkan country but there will be a model that can extend the term of the Government. This is something realistic, Abazovic said for "Vecernji list" of Zagreb quoted by vijesti.me on Tuesday. Asked how much certain is that Montenegro could go towards early parliamentary elections, Abazovic recalled that the Democratic Front, as part of the parliamentary majority, had stated that it did not accept reformation, but that it wanted a completely new government.

"The new government may be within this majority that now rules, but there may be another modality. One of the modalities could be to go to early parliamentary elections. Such a solution is quite clear because whenever there is a political crisis, I think it is okay for the mandate to be returned to the citizens. We should not rule out that this is an achievement of democracy, but I honestly do not think that there will be new elections and that we will find a model that the government can extend in the existing composition or in any other composition," Abazovic said, according to vijesti.me .

The head of the Civic Movement URA recalled that after last year's parliamentary elections Montenegro changed its government for the first time in history. "I did not expect any spectacular stability. Stabilocracy was a feature of the previous government. There was no democracy, but there was stability. Now a new system has been created, which is better according to me, but in my opinion it has to go through several stages of maturity and where everyone is important - big and small parties. Every leader, every MP is important," said the deputy PM.

Abazovic noted that the fight against corruption and organized crime has begun in Montenegro. / Argumentum.al