Alarm raised as high school closed because of Covid infection in southern Albania

The high school in Borsh, southern Albania, has been closed following an urgent decision, as some teachers and students have been infected with coronavirus, local media reported on Thursday.

According to the reports, 7 teachers and 6 students have been infected with COVID-19, while the school "Qazim Pali" will remain closed for a period of 10 days. Children and students from first to twelfth grade will stay home these days.

Sources from the school Directorate said it is learned that all teachers of this school are vaccinated with both doses of vaccination. Among them, 6 teachers who tested positive for coronavirus turn out to have been vaccinated with both doses. Borsh School has 150 students and a staff of 15 teachers.

The closure of the school "Qazim Pali" by Covid is the first case after the start of the teaching process in Albania.

According to the Local Unit of Health Care in Saranda, 18 cases were positive, 15 cases from rapid tests and 3 cases from the answers received from the Institute on Thursday.

The daily bulletin released by the health ministry said on Thursday that there were 570 infected citizens, 4 fatalities in the last 24 hours from the coronavirus. Currently in COVID hospitals 164 patients are receiving treatment, of which 13 are in serious condition. /