Albania and Kosovo sign a string of cooperation agreements in joint governments' meeting

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama dwelt on the agreements signed with the government of Kosovo in the 7th intergovernmental meeting held in Elbasan on Friday, underlining the free movement at the border, without physical controls, but only with cameras.

"We have signed a series of concrete agreements, and without wanting to take too much time I want to underline the agreement made for the feasibility study of the Durr√ęs-Prishtina railway," Rama said. He mentioned the agreement on a new customs regime which will enable ¬†citizens to move freely given that there will be no double queue.

Work is underway on an alternative border crossing monitoring system with cameras, without physical controls, making the border completely fluid.

He spoke about the common goal of the two governments to expand as much as possible the network of joint consular services, based on some positive models, such as Milan, Munich. Rama also announced the establishment of the secretariat for the coordination of the two governments as a new functional mechanism, reporting and oriented by the offices of the prime ministers.

In the meantime Rama has asked the Prime Minister Kurti and the members of the cabinet that on the 110th anniversary of the independence of Albania to make a unified primer book to be used in both countries. /