Albanian American Republican denounces Duma's suggestion of a DP's dismantling

Marathon like rallies under the well known logo Foltore- conversation with grassroots across Albania- launched by the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha, had as highlight the Albanian American Republican activist, Evi Kokalari in Fushe Kruja town on Tuesday who in her remarks did not hesitate to call openly names of those who want to destroy the DP, the first political opposition force in Albania established after the fall of communism in 1990s.

Kokalari responded to allegations that she attacks the closest collaborator of DP Head Lulzim Basha, Grida Duma, a DP deputy chief. "I personally call her unclean and immoral and that these people have lost their minds about the country," said Kokalari being applauded by the participants.

The Albanian American Republican personality was also harsh on such figures as Gjekmarkaj and Mërtiri, lecturers in the faculties in Albania.

"I wonder how the parents allow the children to be educated by these individuals. I am glad that Gjekmarkaj will leave when Mr. Berisha becomes chairman of the Democratic Party and when he leaves I have a gift for him, which he will understand very well - an empty bottle.

In his opening remarks in Tuesday's event former PM Berisha assured the participants that Foltore  and Democrats of the peaceful revolution have made friends all over Europe and the world. "They see this development as very positive, or rather as the only positive development of th last 8 years in Albania where its citizens are trapped by the narco-state," he said.

Being confident in victory of a reborn DP Berisha said, "We will stand strong, as a force of light."

Berisha told his supporters that it is legitimate the convening of the DP National Assembly on December 11 and he denounced the attempt of 'hostage DP leader' Lulzim Basha to hold his convention on December 18. /