Albanian and Greek politics has failed to pursue people's good relations

"Developments in North Macedonia and the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not good signs for the Western Balkans," said Prime Minister Edi Rama in an interview with the Greek newspaper TA NEA published on Monday.
He stressed that things have not reached the point where we are afraid of destabilization, but we must be careful.
"People in the Western Balkans know that destabilization is not good for anyone, not even those who are likely to aim for destabilization. However, we are not in a good phase and these are not good signs. We have to be careful," he warned.
Asked if there are concerns about the involvement of other forces and Turkey in the region PM Rama said he was not aware that there is anything that connects Turkey with any form or form of destabilization. "I know that Turkey is a strategic partner for Albania, as is Greece, as is Italy. Turkey is a close friend of Albania. We want to strengthen our friendship. I do not see Turkey having an agenda to undermine the European course of the Western Balkans."
Rama was not surprised by failure of the EU to keep the proMises regarding the accession process. "It will not be the first time that they do not keep their promises," Rama told Ta Nea.
In a comment on the bilateral relations and unresolved issues Rama was more optimistic than he was before his government started with the Prime Minister Mr. Mitsotakis and with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Dendias.
"They are sincerely willing to continue in this relationship, which is good for both parties. I have said that politics on both sides has failed to pursue peoples who have good relations. Albanians in Greece are integrated, they speak with their work and respect for the country. The same here, the Greeks living here as citizens are in their own home. Politics has failed to bring relations between the two countries to the same level. This is what we have to do and I think this is what the Greek Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister intend to do," concluded Albanian PM. /