Albanian government endorses agreement on work permits with Kosovo

Interior Minister Bledi Cuci told the media after the government meeting on Wednesday that one of the agreements that will be signed on Friday at the joint meeting between the governments of Albania and Kosovo has been approved. According to him, the agreement concerns the residence permits of the respective citizens.

"It is good news for the citizens of Kosovo who will now simply receive an application for documents for 5 years in Albania with a simple application and without documents, and the residence permit will include the work permit," said Cuci.

According to him, that is also good news for Albanians living or working in Kosovo, who will receive a residence permit in that country with much easier procedures than today.

Wednesday’s decision is in the wake of several agreements that will be signed within those sectors that include the Ministry of Interior.

Asked about the agreement with Great Britain if third parties will cross customs points such as the airport and will not leave the airport and will Albania be a transit country for these migrants and will Albania have a refugee camp, Cuci said that, "I believe that it has become very clear, clearly stated that there will be no refugee camps for the interests of other countries in Albania." /