Albanian Parliament in traditional physical 'activity' of MPs as Albanians' living conditions deteriorate

A physical clash between deputies of Democratic Party (DP) and Socialist Party (SP) Ervin Salianji and  Erion Brace interrupted Tuesday's plenary session of Parliament which is discussing the draft state budget 2022 amidst the usual quarrels between majority and opposition with the DP head, Lulzim Basha trying to be a protagonist.

PM Edi Rama as usual makes fun of Basha treating the DP head in humiliation.

Salianji said in Tuesday's plenary session that Brace has been eavesdropped on the case of tycoon Rezart Taci who has been prosecuted and a mega legal case is under process. This irritated Brace who spoke from the hall pointing his finger at Salianji, but the latter didn't hesitate to go to physically clash with him until the guard intervened to separate them.

"Where did the lady who had the book in her hand go? She has increased her and her husband's wealth tenfold. She behaves like an angel here, but he is not an angel. This gentleman stands up here and behaves as the most worried. Are you the deputy prime minister that have come out in the Italian anti-mafia investigations," said the DP deputy. Further on he called Brace puppy, trash, dog, greyhound!

Erion Brace responded harshly to the accusations of MP Salianji saying that he has no acquaintance with Taci, while the wiretaps talk linked with a Deputy Prime Minister is not his as he was not in this post on October 18, 2021 because he has been simply a deputy.

Brace and Thaci, a source told, are neighbors in a 10- storey building in one of the best neighborhoods in Tirana.

"I came here to talk about the budget and I only talked about that. I had a single goal. I spoke as I think. No one can judge how worried I am about the farmers. I did not accuse anyone. There are slanderers convicted by the court in this hall. There are conspirators at the expense of other people. The wiretapping document of Rezart Taci is dated October 18, 2021. I fully own that document. On October 18, I was not the Deputy Prime Minister," he said adding that there are people in the Parliament, who are paid to distribute charges to each other. I will prove to you that they are paid in cash. These war games end on cash day," Brace said.

In addition he said he had denounced to the prosecutor the ARMO transactions.

"It is a political corruption. There you have ARMO, an open grave in politics. A big ocean divides me and Rezart Taci. We have never exchanged any phone calls or messages," Brace said in response to MP Salianji's alleged allegations. /