Albanian PM launches the initiative 'clean up' the country starting in Vlora

Prime Minister Edi Rama called on citizens on Sunday from Vlora, southern Albania  and his most favorite destination for holidays, not to pollute the environment. The head of government called the pollution of the country from the waste a national betrayal and he started the cleaning of the Soda Forest from the waste. There were many local volunteers joining the premier.

The head of government launched the initiative for the country's radical clean-up of waste.

"Think twice when waste falls on the ground, when you throw it out of the car window, leave behind the remains of the family after getting up from a picnic the remains, giving the most scandalous and criminal example to the children they have with them who watch their parents how they dump waste on the streets," Rama said.

According to him, it is the moment when they should think of those patriotic comments and they should think like patriots, they should honor the flag, they should honor the martyrs, they should honor the renaissance, they should fight traitors.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister warned that there will be penalties for mayors who do not clean up their territory. /