Another judge dismissed in the framework of the vetting process in Albania

The Independent Qualification Commission held a hearing session on Monday to announce the decision on the subject of re-evaluation for Ajola Prenci, a judge at the Court of First Instance of Kurbin, who was dismissed by the Commission

The judge, Prenci underwent vetting on three valuation criteria, that of property legality and the ethical and professional criterion on 26 October.

The court panel composed of Suela Zhegu, Firdes Shuli and Brunilda Bekteshi, after analyzing the evidence and facts, decided to dismiss Ajola Prenci, who had a long career in the justice system in Albania serving mainly in prosecution bodies in northern Albania.

Ajola Prenci completed her studies at the School of Magistrates in 2004 and for a decade served in the Shkodra Prosecutor's Office. In 2014, Prenci was appointed in the Prosecutor's Office of Mat, while since 2016 she has been working in the Prosecutor's Office of Kurbin.

There are five years that the vetting process goes on in Albania and as its mandate concluded the majority decided to prolong it. In the meantime, the opposition is pressing to start the vetting of politicians, an initiative which has not been welcomed by the majority although PM Edi Rama said they are ready to listen to the arguments of the opposition. /