Armenia violates the ceasefire one year after the agreement with Azerbaijan

By Anar Huseynov *

Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Hellenic Republic and to the Republic of Albania.

November 10th marked one year since the signing of the Joint Declaration by the three leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, which ended the 44-day war. Unfortunately, some points of declaration still remain unfulfilled, which in its turn creates tension in the region. Furthermore, over the past few days, the Armenian side with its provocative actions has contributed to the escalation of the situation on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Thus, illegal visit of the former Armenian Defense Minister to the territories of Azerbaijan, where Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily deployed and holding military meetings there, the concentration of about 60 personnel of the Armenian armed forces on the road leading to the Azerbaijani Army positions in Lachin, a terrorist act committed by an Armenian serviceman near the city of Shusha, as well as intensive shelling of the Azerbaijani Army's positions in Kalbajar and Lachin by the Armenian armed forces show that the Armenian side again deliberately aggravates the situation in the area.

During the period of the Armenian military provocations that took place at the state borders on 16 November 2021, 7 servicemen of the Azerbaijani army were killed and another 10 were wounded.

All this shows that Armenia, based on revanchism idea and domestic political interests, is not ready for ensuring peace and security in the region, as well as for demarcating borders with Azerbaijan and signing a peace agreement. By the way, many countries around the world and some international agencies, including the United States, Russia, and the European Union, called for immediate border demarcation.

It should be stressed that the main responsibility for the current tension in the region lies directly with the military-political leadership of Armenia. Azerbaijan has no territorial claims against Armenia, which keep trying in every possible way to convince the world community to the contrary. At the same time, any threats and military challenges to the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan within its internationally recognized borders will continue to receive an adequate response.