As Foltore heralds overthrow of Rama and Basha list of signatures to convene DP National Assembly formalized

The veteran leader of the right-wing Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha said that Socialist PM Edi Rama has made the wrong calculations with the 'hostage chairman' as he calls the current DP head, Lulzim Basha while the news was officially conveyed to the latter on the meeting of the National Assembly of the largest opposition political force in Albania.

After handing over the signatures of 4200 delegates requesting the meeting of the National Assembly, the chairman of the National Council, Edi Paloka has informed Lulzim Basha through an official letter. SYRI TV provided the letter of Paloka informing Basha about the request of 4200 delegates who will convene the National Assembly on December 11, 2021.

"You and your signatures have become masters of the DP and Albanian pluralism. You signed to take over the Assembly, the highest body as a saving act for the DP and political pluralism in Albania," Berisha said at the consecutive meeting in the frame of Foltore held in Saranda, southern Albania, on Friday.

"Foltore is the greatest miracle of the last 30 years, because you are already in support of the values ​​of freedom, in support of free voting, in support of the democratic norm of the party that brought pluralism, in the name of a real opposition. Your signature to convene the National Assembly aims at uniting the DP,  turning it into the house of freedom for the Democrats," Berisha told an enthusiastic crowd of Democrats in Saranda.

Further on hecsaid that those signatures are the biggest guarantee of a sovereign and victorious opposition, while accusing Basha that he is afraid of membership.

"The horror, not only of him, but the horror of the Medusa head, are your signatures, the horror of Soros mafia who had predicted the destruction of the conservative force in Albania. Your signatures are the greatest guarantee of a gigantic, sovereign and victorious opposition soon. They will do well to get rid of fear. They are not signatures that arouse fear," Berisha said, adding that Democrats will do everything to overthrow Rama and open the way for Albanians to vote freely.

"But first we have to vote freely in the DP, we have to elect our representatives with the membership vote, we have to determine who will represent us, and will the chairman appoint them? No. You will appoint them, you will elect them for being your deputies and representatives and not the chairman," noted the former prime minister, Sali Berisha /