Assembly of 11th of December to set future course of DP to overthrow current regime

The further progress after the eleventh of December when the National Assembly of the Democratic Party (DP) will adopt the desicions following its deliberations will set the course of the largest opposition political force in Albania.

This was declared by the DP deputy and veteran leader, Tritan Shehu in an interview on Top Channel TV on Wednesday.

"This will be a deeply democratic Assembly, in full compliance with Western, European and American principles. It is absurd, illusory, far from reality and detrimental to the interests of the country to seek to create an anti-American phantom to anathemize this Assembly," said Shehu, a former FM, reiterating that the Assembly will make DP more democratic.

The DP does not consist of "two sides", nor can it be divided in this way, despite the diversity that may exist. Therefore, mechanisms will be approved to respect them through factions, referendums, etc., he said.

Shehu noted that important attention will be paid to the further strengthening of the relations with partners such as the EU, the US and the EPP group, of which DP is part. The DP deputy revealed that the Assembly will also approve the political and strategic lines of the DP as the main opposition force to achieve the great goal - the overthrow of the current regime. /