Basha says there won’t be DP Assembly which can be held when he wants

The Democratic Party (DP) chairman, Lulzim Basha has called the compilation of the list with the signatures of the Democrats who ask for the convening of the National Assembly by the veteran DP leader, Sali Berisha a bluff.

In a news conference on Thursday after the delivery of the list to the relevant DP bodies, Basha said Berisha has been the chairman of the Democratic Party for a very long time, he knows very well the statute, the rules of the party; he knows how the mechanisms for convening the Assembly are set in motion.

"I am deeply disappointed by his ridicule of the Democrats on Wednesday, hiding his bluff and the lack of signatures for a quarter of the members of the Assembly that will set in motion the mechanism for convening the Assembly," said Basha adding that what he started as a battle ostensibly for the democratization of the Democratic Party ended as a battle for his personal concerns and for his personal power.

According to him, the answer to the statute is quite clear and there is a very clear process. He repeated that he is against any meeting of the Assembly.

Basha stated that "I will convene the National Assembly whenever it is necessary. Whenever it is necessary I am ready to convene the Assembly for Democrats and the Assembly of Democrats." He said DP will not return to the bunker for the personal concerns of Sali Berisha or anyone else.

In addition he said that DP has in front an enemy not an adversary; there is a regime in front of DP."You see that the regime is based on a triangle. We have information that the regime has become part of the coup attempt within the DP. Therefore, I have only one call and one invitation to Sali Berisha. You did not have the signatures and you did not submit them to the statutory bodies as you know very well the rules of this party because you have been the chairman of this party."You spent a lot of time and energy of the Democrats, you helped (PM) Edi Rama a lot," concluded Basha. /