Berisha announces that 4200 signatures will be handed over to convene DP’s National Assembly

The veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha announced in a meeting with Democrat grassroots of the town of Pogradec that 4200 signatures for the convening of the National Assembly on December 11 will be handed over on Wednesday.

“To the chairman taken hostage I have very bitter news. There are 4200 signatures which call for gathering the National Assembly. I tell the chairman without party: obey the 4200 signatures of the DP members  and 10,000 others will come there. This will be the most beautiful holiday in DP history,”said Berisha. Berisha said that Basha did not deserve to lead the DP. He apologized for his silence on the current chairman but said that he simply did that because of his pledge not to return to the DP leadership.

In addition Berisha invited PM Edi Rama to a TV debate. "Edvin, you are hopeless, Foltore has traumatized you. I guarantee that Sali Berisha will be joined by all democrats who believe in human dignity, all those who live with the sweat of their hands, all those who call Albania, Albania and the homeland, homeland. So I want to invite you to a TV debate where I can count in front of all Albanians all the crimes and sins of these years. And then you can flee to Belgrade where they wait for you with open arms,”he told an enthusiastic crowd of supporters among whom was the Albanian American republican activist Evi Kokalari.

"These meetings are more pro-American than all the others, more pro-European than all the others. Nothing can shift the axis of our western direction of DP," said Berisha.

Berisha revealed that he knew that the chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha was working with Edi Rama for the project of the American tycoon George Soros. Despite this fact, Berisha added, he continued to work for the victory of the Democratic Party and the promotion of Lulzim Basha, adding that the return of the DP to power was his priority.

Taking the floor in the event Albanian American Republican activist, Evi Kokalari attacked multi billionaire George Soros, saying that he took revenge on former Prime Minister Berisha after the latter had publicly demanded in 2017 that Soros be declared non grata in Albania. Kokalari said that Soros has 5 offices in the Balkans. There are only two offices in all of Europe. Soros has a special focus on Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, damaging Albanian democracy for the last 30 years. He has also damaged American democracy and has taken control of the State Department after the change of power at the White House, said Kokalari.