Berisha denies Basha's claims that he places himself above DP

Veteran Democrat leader Sali Berisha has responded to the statements of the leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, who said that Berisha allegedly puts himself above the party.
Berisha has considered it a lie, while he also showed the conversation he had with Basha.
Berisha said on Friday that two months ago Basha told him that US Ambassador Yuri Kim had communicated to him that if Berisha does not leave parliament then there will be great consequences.
While the answer of the former prime minister was that this is his battle for dignity and that he does not sell out dignity for anything in the world, an opinion which, as Berisha says, is supported by Basha who has become a beloved figure now for the ruling Socialist Party.
"In his communications with the media (Basha) he claims that I and my children have files in SPAK. I would like to say that my children have never had any files. Edi Rama has sent dozens to SPAK, but all of them have been turned back because Berisha has only implemented the law," said Berisha. /