Berisha says times are critical, but DP will overthrow Rama and return to power

"Foltore will turn the DP into a gigantic force of freedom, democracy and victory. Times are critical, but each of you, who supports us, are writing a new chapter in the history of Albania. You are opening a new page in the history of democracy, ”said the veteran leader and founder of the right-wing Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha in the consecutive meeting with Democrat grassroots in the city of Lushnja, southern Albania, on Friday.

Welcomed by hundreds of his supporters to Lushnja, a stronghold of the ruling Socialist Party (SP) Berisha said citizens will no longer accept the dictatorship of crime and corruption, as he called the government of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

According to him, a dictatorship based on crime, drugs and corruption has been established in Albania which is based on vote theft, impoverishment of citizens, and their mass departure from Albania. "This narcotic state or dictatorship based on crime, drugs and corruption, not only stole your vote but managed to seize all power in these 8 years," said Berisha, who added that it succeeded in transforming the party of freedom loving martyrs, to turn the DP, the party that overthrew the communist dictatorship, into a branch of Tirana, into a ministry of Edi Rama's narco-government.

Berisha accused the current DP chairman, Lulzim Basha of having a deal with Rama to turn the DP into a 'Minister of Narcotics' "But we are here to pledge that we will never accept this and together we will overthrow Edi Rama.”

Further on the former PM noted that the Democratic Party did not win the April 25 parliamentary elections, but also accused Edi Rama of stealing them.

Berisha referred to Basha's statement when he described the process as an 'electoral massacre', but did not contest the elections and ran after his chair. "The chairman without a party not only did not defend the vote, not only did not denounce, he did not call on the party to bring him (Rama) to justice for this terror, but he ran sneakily behind his chair because he was afraid they would take his seat.”

He asked those present at the meeting if Basha went to meet them. "No, he is afraid of you. When he does not come to you, how will he overthrow Edi Rama? He is a hostage of Edi Rama," said Berisha. /