Berisha to his ex - protege Basha: "You must resign as we are a party of dignity and ideals"

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has again demanded the resignation of the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, who, according to him, does not recognize the party statute and has violated every article of it.
Speaking at the meeting held in Librazhd, the consecutive leg of Foltore marathon, on Friday Berisha responded to the accusations of his alleged connection with crime exponents for the collection of signatures for the convening of the Assembly.
Veteran leader said that no person has denounced more than him Suel Cela, an exponent linked with organized crime. As for the signatures collected for the convening of the December 11 Assembly, he said that Basha and his followers are afraid of them and that the signatures are no longer 4200, but up to 5000.
"We entered this fall as deeply hurt people, as a society that could not vote as a civilized society. Indeed (PM) Edi Rama stole votes like never before using all the potentials of the state as in dictatorship. But the chairman held hostage, who pledged to defend your vote, forgot every vow, kicked every challenge and only dealt with his chair and started the shameful cooperation with Edi Rama," said Berisha. In addition he said Basha turned the DP into a ministry of the Albanian narco-state.
"You must resign because we are a party of dignity and ideals. You are an educated man in the west who knows no moral and legal rules," said Berisha adding that his predecessor doesn't respect any party law.
Regarding the invitation announced by Basha that he would travel to official Washington Berisha said that even former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri, who is prosecuted, went there.
"You go there with two serious files which are the Muzin and Toyota Yaris files and the latter you share with the Socialist MP, Taulant Balla," said Berisha.
In conclusion he labeled as 'anti-Assembly' the meeting of December 18 called by Basha while announcing that the late DP leader, Azem Hajdari will be declared eternal president of DP. /