Berisha to Kim: Don't use crimes of narcotics to behave as governor of Albania

"Your support will reestablish the Democratic Party (DP) and pluralism. December 11 comes to Albania as the date of the coronation of the second greatest Albanian miracle since 1990. Those who thought that the end of pluralism in Albania had come, that the narco-state would be the future of the Albanians made a serious mistake. (PM) Edi Rama will get the most bitter answer on December 11," declared the veteran Democracy leader, Sali Berisha in the marathon of meetings with grassroots party in the framework of 'Foltore' held in the city of Mat, northern Albania on Tuesday.

Berisha considered the so called hostage DP Head, Lulzim Basha as an ally of the Socialist Party PM Edi Rama on Tuesday. Taking that opportunity Berisha reiterated his call on the vice-chairmen, the Secretary General and the members of the  Chairmanship, to resign by joining the Assembly of December 11 and not to become a slave of Basha.

According to Berisha, the current DP leader, Basha decided to call the anti-assembly on December 18 in an act of historical shame.

"I am here to call on every member of the chairmanship that they are young politicians and must correct the mistake. So as soon as you resign, you join the Assembly on December 11. So I ask the Secretary-General, the vice-chairmen to resign. Do not be slaves!" he said.

Further on, Berisha had a message to US Ambassador, Yuri Kim from 'Foltore' of Burrel, the main town of the northern region of Mat known for its monarchist feelings, not to behave like the governor of Albania, to respect the international conventions of diplomacy.

"Kim must respect international conventions of diplomacy," Berisha said. Criticism is mounting in Albania blaming Washington's top diplomat to Tirana of interference in the political life of this Balkan country supporting the Rama government.

"Ambassador Yuri Kim would do well to consider in the most serious way the international conventions and rules of a country. Not to use the crimes and sins of Albanian narcotics to behave as the governor in a country that has 108 years of independence," said Berisha. /