Berisha's protege Basha threatens to expel DP founder from party on December 11

The approach of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party (DP) called by supporters of the founder and veteran leader, Sali Berisha expected to be held on December 11, has signaled a rising of hostility of the current Democrat head, Lulzim Basha

"Berisha is expected to be expelled from the DP in case of the organization of the National Assembly of the party that is announced to be held on December 11," warned Basha on Thursday.

In an interview on ABC TV, Basha said that the statute clearly defines how the party should behave with those who split the party and make such arrangements at a time when only a few months ago the elections for chairman were held.

Basha has set December 18 as the date for holding the party Assembly.

Basha also accused Berisha of collaborating with members of organized crime in Albania, who, according to him, share a common problem: the proclamation persona "non grata" by the US State Department.

"We do not know and we will not find out what there is in the (US) safe, but we know that the factors interested in the dissolution of the Democratic Party have not lost the chance. The factors of organized crime have not lost the chance like people as Suel Çela, Aqif Rakipi, Tom Doshi, people who on April 25 were, not for the first time but during this whole decade, under the banner of Edi Rama against the Democrats," said Basha.

No one has mentioned yet the accusations made against Basha which were linked with a 200 million euro abuse in the implementation of the project of the National Road when DP was in power and Basha was Minister of Foreign Affairs. /