Blackout on the assassination of the former deputy and Mayor of Velipoja

It remains unclear who shot dead the former MP Pashko Ujka in downtown Shkodra, northern Albania, on Sunday evening, said local police on Monday.

Police have questioned several people as witnesses to the incident but there have not yet been any detention because of the lack of full evidence. Pashko Ujka, who also held the post of mayor of Velipoja, the largest beach in northern Albania, was executed on the evening of November 29, 2021. The still unidentified perpetrator (s) shot him with a silencer in a park near the Orthodox Church in Shkodra.

One of the tracks of the investigation is the task that the victim has performed as mayor of Velipoja, while the family members have denied that he was attacked earlier and that he had debts.

It is learned that on Monday morning the investigative group returned to the scene of the crime where the assassination took place to find any evidence that could lead to the discovery of the assassin(s).

The surrounding security cameras have also been seized and their footage will be verified.

In 2005 Pashko Ujka was elected MP with the Democratic Alliance, while in 2007 he joined the Christian Democratic Party.

In 2008-2009 he was part of the Democratic Party (DP) parliamentary group. In 2016, Pashko Ujka asked the Administrative Court to overturn the sentence imposed on him by a fine from the State Inspectorate of Environment, Forests and Waters, Shkodra Regional Branch, but this request was rejected by the jury. /