Controversial judge Dvorani cleared by SPAK, President to follow the case

The Special Court against Crime and Corruption (SPAK) has rejected the lawsuit of the President, Ilir Meta against the former head of the Judicial Appointments Council, Ardian Dvorani. GJKKO decided on Tuesday to dismiss the case against the former head of the Judicial Appointments Council, Ardian Dvorani, filed by Meta.

In a statement to the media, Dvorani said that there is no clash with any institution and that he is just a judge. "I do not think it is up to me to make interpretations. Whoever thinks there is a clash let it have for himself, I have no clash with anyone," he said.

Regarding the dismissal of the case, Dvorani said that "it is Meta's right like any other individual to have his judgment and interpretation on certain facts… The time of popular trials in Albania belongs to a past regime."

Meta filed his complaint with the SPAK on February 18, 2020, while accusing Dvorani of violating the law and the Constitution. The clash between the President and the Parliament over the procedures for the appointment of judges of the Constitutional Court would make Ilir Meta accuse Dvorani of violating legal procedures, considering him a "political suicide bomber", as, according to him, the actions were one-sided and in favor of the ruling majority.

The HJC initially sought the opinion of EURALIUS and OPDAT on this issue not being able to make a final decision. The decision to dismiss Dvorani was taken on June 11 with 6 votes in favor and 4 against, after the response of EURALIUS and OPDAT that they could not give an opinion on this issue, but the HJC must decide for itself.

On his part, the legal representative of the President, Bledar Dervishaj said that Tuesday’s decision by SPAK is unfair.

"Until now, the President of the Republic has respected the secrecy of the Prosecution. The request for dismissal of this case was notified to us in early November. The GJKKO decided to dismiss it, but we asked for disagreement. The court informed us that the formal decision will be announced and we are now waiting for anything to happen. I know how to keep a secret. All the arguments are presented. Which of the acts that the President has submitted to the prosecution is not public? All are transparent. We will appeal the decision. The decision on the criminal case of 2020, where there were many defendants, has been overturned. We are waiting for the court decision to be clarified. We will do what the law allows us," said Dervishaj. /