Deputy Belind Këlliçi will not be head of FRPD, joins Foltore

Democrat MP Belind Këlliçi will no longer be in charge of the Democratic Party Youth Forum (FRPD). The head of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, decided on Friday to open the competition for the new head of the Youth Forum, two years after the end of Kellici's mandate. Basha instructed the start of the process of updating the structures and setting up a working group that will oversee the process, as the mandate of the vast majority of FRPD leaders has ended and some of the leaders have reached the age of not having the right to belong to that forum.

The decision of the DP chairman, Basha to announce the elections for the leadership of the DP Youth Forum comes 48 hours before former PM Sali Berisha holds a meeting with the youth of this DP structure. Sources close to the staff that deals with the organization of meetings of former Prime Minister Berisha said that " current head of FRPD, Belind Këlliçi is expected to be part of this meeting on Sunday".

A few weeks ago some members of the chairmanship of the Democratic Youth Forum formally asked the DP head to convene the National Assembly. Even in some regions of the country, many figures of the DP Youth Forum have joined the initiative of former Prime Minister Berisha. /