DP says Rama uses the police as a background of political propaganda

The presentation of the 2022 budget for the Ministry of Interior, where the Prime Minister Edi Rama was present on Tuesday, has been the target of criticism by the opposition Democratic Party (DP) whose deputy Ervin Salianji called the event a humiliation of the State Police.

"To humiliate the State Police by using it as a background of political propaganda makes every police officer feel insulted, humiliated, defenseless," said Salinjani, who stressed that the police seem to be an instrument for the Prime Minister and not a state structure to fight crime in these conditions.

According to him, just as he abuses them in the background, he forces them in the election campaign to cooperate with the sludge to secure votes for the Rilindje (Renaissance), therefore the crime has taken revenge and the mafia-style murders occur and their perpetrators are not found.DP deputy noted that drugs and crime are playing havoc, robberies and violence have spread everywhere turning the territory of Albania into the possession and background of criminals.

The draft budget 2022 for the State Police was presented by the Minister of Interior, Bledi Cuci who said that the vision of the Socialist majority for Albania 2030 in the field of security is the further modernization of the State Police and the increase of the trust of the citizens.

Among others he announced an increase of salaries up to 30 percent for the employees of the State Police while those who work away from home will receive bonuses according to working hours and distance from the house and their salary will go up to 150 percent. / Argumentum.al