DP’s Assembly first decision will be to declare Soros persona non grata forever

The first decision after the December 11 Democratic Party (DP) Assembly will be to declare persona non grata the US billionaire, George Soros, who, as the veteran leader of Democrats, Sali Berisha, told the DP Forum of Women on Sunday in the frame of conversations with the rank-and-file of party, has tried to destroy the largest right-wing political force in Albania.

"The plan was to destroy the DP and turn it into a ministry of (PM Edi) Rama. And, of course, there was an obstacle here and you were in the first place and Sali Berisha whom you trusted. Edi Rama and his godfather Soros were clear that I would never accept an alliance with the SP, as it was a black disaster for Albanians and I made this clear to them during the campaign. Then they thought of punishing me without any facts and documents. And in this way, with Basha being held hostage, they could take any decision against you, the democrats and Albania,” said Berisha speaking in the Forum which was held in Tirana.

"It is the revival of Milosevic's projects to divide Kosovo and, finally establish the Soros Balkans. Therefore, I have requested his declaration non grata since 2017 and now I will tell him that this conservative force one of the first decisions is his declaration persona non grata forever," said Berisha.

Further on he said that the law does not exist in Albania, but there is the will of the mafia. "All Albanians waited for the vetting to be given to the judges they deserve, but the vetting was taken over by Engjëll Agaci, Edi Rama and Pamela Balluku. There is nothing Belinda, like Pamela. How is it possible that the broom is sweeping off according to the regional and religious principle," he said.

In the meantime the Albanian US Republican activist, Evi Kokalari has reacted after the current leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has decided to close the comments section on the social network Twitter.

Kokalari in her comment on Twitter called on Basha to open the comments in order for people to tell him that he will leave the leadership of the Democratic Party on December 11.

"Lulzim Basha, become a man and open the comments when people remind you on Twitter that the bells will ring for you on December 11," said the post released by Kokalari on Monday.

The next meeting of Berisha with the Democrat activists in the frame of Foltore will be held in the town of Burrel, northern Albania. / Argumentum.al