DP’s Basha hints he talked with US congressmen on Democrat veteran leader Sali Berisha

"The Democratic Party (DP) and I cannot become anyone's personal advocates, but we will be advocates of the daily problems of Albanians. "We were assured that we would have the full support of the United States and Congress." has said the current DP head, Lulzim Basha answering a question if the declaring of former PM Sali Berisha persona non grata by the US was discussed with the three visiting US congressmen in their meeting on Monday.

The DP will not be advocating for anyone's personal interests, Basha said, adding that its priorities are separation from the past.

"Did you ask for explanations on the historical leader of the Democratic Party who has been declared a corrupt person?" was the other question to which Basha answered: "Such a high presence of congressmen was an unusual opportunity to talk about political priorities, and one of these is the separation from the past, from the endemic corruption of Albanians." According to him, there is no question that his task as chairman of the Democratic Party is to lead the aspirations of the Democrats for a fundamental change in Albanian politics.

Further on he turned down any allegations that he had prevented the members of the DP parliamentary group from speaking on the ‘Berisha’ issue. "It is a slander," Basha said shortly.

In the meantime, the DP head gave details of the meeting with the US congressmen. He said they welcomed the DP's proposals on vetting in politics, and expressed readiness to cooperate with them.

"I had the opportunity to explain that according to the initiative on vetting of politicians, we will meet the need that Albanians feel, even though 5 years have passed since the justice reform no high-level politician has been brought to justice. This is at the root of election theft,” said Basha, who stressed that the vetting of politicians was the focus of conversation with the three senior members of Congress as an initiative that helps the process.

In conclusion Basha admitted that the DP has been hit by a grave crisis but did not elaborate.

A national assembly of the party will convene on December 11 as part of an initiative called Foltore launched by the veteran Democrat leader, Sali Berisha whose main targets will be the reorganization of the largest opposition political forces and the election of the new chairman. Supporters of Foltore have backed the return of Berisha to the helm of the party and the dismissal of Basha. / Argumentum.al