DP's Berisha denies claims of State Department declaring him unwanted in US

Former Prime Minister and founder of the right-wing Democratic Party (DP) Sali Berisha categorically ruled out the creation of a new political force in Albania. In an interview with VOA on Thursday, he expressed confidence that the DP assembly called by him and his supporters on December 11 would mark a reestablishment of the party he intends to lead again.

Berisha did not see as an obstacle to the future of the Democratic Party the fact that he has been declared "non grata" by the United States

US State Department declared its protege Berisha whom it installed as the first head of state of Albania after the fall of the communist regime in 1990s as persona non grata accusing him of corruption. Berisha has filed a lawsuit against State Secretary with a Paris Court which is handling the case.

The US charges are unfounded as they are not based on facts and evidence, Berisha told VOA.

In addition he denied that the move undertaken by him under the motto Foltore, meetings with party grassroots, aims to eliminate Basha and is not a personal revenge against the current Democratic chairman.

According to him, there are two basic problems for which he judges that Basha should not stay a minute longer at party's helm, but should have resigned as chairman of the Democratic Party.

"The first and most fundamental problem is four electoral losses of DP in a row," he said.

Asked if he aimed at establishing a new DP, Berisha was cut and sharp saying: "Never. On the contrary, the goal is the reestablishment of the Democratic Party, its transformation into a real opposition force which the country needs vitally.

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