DP’s head pays homage to the Monument ‘Mother Albania’ on Independence and Liberation Holidays

Chairman Lulzim Basha accompanied by MPs and other representatives of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) held on Sunday morning homage for Independence and Liberation Day at the monument "Mother Albania" in Tirana. Basha wished Independence and Liberation Day.

He said in his message released in social networks that Albania celebrates the most beautiful day of the nation and that they bow with gratitude to the heroes and martyrs and those who gave their lives for liberation from the invaders.

"Today we celebrate the most beautiful day of our Nation that fills with pride the hearts of Albanians wherever they are and unites us in the memory of the great battles for freedom and independence, and in honor of the sons and daughters of our nation, who sacrificed everything in name of the Nation and under the red and black flag, ”Basha said.

He noted that they bowed with deep gratitude to the Heroes and Martyrs of the Nation, the fighters of Independence and those who fell for the liberation from the occupiers, to the sons and daughters of Kosovo and the whole nation who fought for the freedom of Kosovo and the dignity of Albanians everywhere in their ancestral lands.

"Their sublime sacrifice inspires us to fulfill the European aspiration of Albanians for unity, freedom and democracy. Happy November 28th! God bless our national flag, Albania and the Albanian nation!” said Basha. / Argumentum.al