DP’s veteran leader joined by Kamza activists in effort to resurrect Albania, overthrow Rama regime

"We will resurrect Albania on its feet. Foltore is the second big mission in the last 30 years, and you, the democrats of Kamza and all of Albania are its missionaries in the next victory of the Democratic Party," said the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha to his supporters in the town of Kamza, which was the 14th meeting in the frame of Foltore initiative undertaken by him in preparation of the DP's Assembly to be held on December 11 this year.

This convening of the Assembly is opposed by the current head of DP, Lulzim Basha, who, in the meantime, has started to escalate the attacks against Berisha and even the President, Ilir Meta.

"We stand firmly behind a cause which is the fundamental cause of freedom; it is the cause of freedom of the citizens who will live with honor and dignity. Your mission is to return the DP to conservative values," said Berisha, who lashed out at the current premier, Edi Rama for plunging Albania in misery with the highest foreign debt worldwide.  Berisha said that Foltore is a sacred mission and this hurricane of hope will face the dictatorship of the narco-state and will overthrow it.

Berisha accused Rama of taking over and controlling the Democratic Party. "Our Foltore has terrified the narco-state nomenclature… Therefore, we, the DP which Edi Rama decided to confiscate and turn it into an augment of his party will raise it more strongly than ever as opposition. And we will tell everyone in the world that the sovereignty of this party can not be affected by anyone,” he said, adding that no one can affect the sovereignty to dictate to this party who will be its chairman except Democrats’ vote.

In the meantime the former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha has once again attacked the multi-billionaire, George Sorros as an enemy of the right-wing in Albania and the Republicans in the US. According to Berisha, Sorros does not represent America, but he is a fierce enemy of DP’s true allies - the American Republicans. "The most dangerous mafia on the planet, led by billionaire George Sorros, has launched a furious attack on the Albanian right –wing," he said.

In addition, former PM Berisha accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of passing a law to Parliament that de facto promotes child trafficking through a new adoption law which opens the way to child trafficking. "Today, Albanian children are the most vulnerable and miserable children in Europe," he said, adding that Save the Children published the latest study showing that children in Albania are twice as vulnerable as children in Kosovo.

In a comment on the "Open Balkans" initiative created by Aleksandar Vucic, Edi Rama and Zoran Zaev, Berisha said that it died in North Macedonia after the loss of Zoran Zaev in the local elections which led to his resignation as prime minister. Berisha called Zaev an adventurer who incited the clash of Bulgaria and Serbia, forgetting that North Macedonia was formed to stop the expansion of these two countries.

"This blind politician forgot that North Macedonia was created to prevent the formation of a Greater Serbia, nor a Greater Bulgaria, while he (Rama) ran after Belgrade as if he were Pasic's son. A great positive development in North Macedonia was that where it was baptized with the name of George Soros" Open Balkans" there it died two days ago by the vote of the citizens of Macedonia," said Berisha, adding that Rama tried to turn Albania into a vassal of Serbia through "Open Balkans".

As in other events, many speakers in the event called on Berisha to return to the helm of the Democratic Party and pledged to protest massively until the overthrow of the Rama regime. / Argumentum.al