Draft budget 2022 adopted in principle in parliamentary financial committee by majority’s votes

The draft state budget for 2022 and the fiscal package that will accompany it were adopted in principle by the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Finance on Thursday. The opposition said that it would not vote for this budget because, according to it, the draft bill did not support the citizens, but it was a budget that went in support of PPPs.

"The situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet passed. We expected the government to come out in support of the citizens to overcome this situation by increasing salaries and pensions. But the government again supports the contracts through this budget, leaving the citizens alone," said opposition MP Dashamir Shehu.

But the Minister of Finance and Economy, Delina Ibrahimaj said that the average salary has increased to 56,710 ALL now from 45,961 that was in 2013.

"The draft budget for 2022 predicts debt reduction, increased support for the needy, farmers' subsidy, investment rate of 6.4% which is above the average of 5% in previous years, higher level of economic growth than the average of previous years, "said Ibrahimaj.

The minister also responded to opposition accusations of increasing the number of employees in the state administration. "Today there are 83,740 budget employees from 87,205 that were in 2013," she said.

Regarding the opposition claims for the increased poverty in the country, Minister Ibrahimaj said that the risk of being poor is 23% and Albania is the only country with the lowest level of poverty in the region.

Meanwhile, regarding the support of farmers through this budget, the Minister said that subsidies have almost doubled compared to last year.

"Support for farmers from 1.7 billion lek that was in 2021 goes to 3.2 billion lek this year," said the minister. / Argumentum.al